[mou] North Shore/Duluth

jellisbird at aol.com jellisbird at aol.com
Fri Oct 5 22:05:24 EDT 2007

Went birding in Duluth this AM. Had Surf Scoters in the Harbor off the 
airport. Had a single White-Winged Scoter (juvenile) at Good Harbor Bay 
and a single Black Scoter (female or juvenile) at the North end of the 
Five Mile Rock area, north of Grand Marais. There was a single Sandhill 
Crane circling its way south from Paradise Beach. The GM Campground had 
4 BBPlovers and a hundred or so LLongspurs. There was a juvenile 
Goshawk on a dead tree ate the Cascade River wayside beside LSuperior 
and an adult Peregrine at 40 feet sitting on a beach log at the bottom 
of the hill on Fish House Road at East Beaver Bay.
      Had an Am Crow riding the NNE wind from NE of Split Rock 
Lighthouse SP through a cut in the rocks for about two miles or more 
above the road. I clocked it at 60 miles an hour with NO wingbeats. 
When it slowed down to about 40 (near the Park) it dropped down out of 
the wind and starting rowing its way back up the road (presumably to do 
it again!!)                         John Ellis-St. Paul

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