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Wed Oct 10 00:23:28 EDT 2007

In the past 4 days I've visited Carpenter Nature Center (Hastings), Hyland
Park Reserve (Bloomington),  Bass Ponds/Old Cedar (MNRVNWR), and Ft.
The variety and number of warblers has been dwindling rapidly. There were
still many ruby-crown kinglets and yellow-rumps, and yesterday had a good
number of Nashville and Tennessee, but there were only 2 redstarts the whole
time. White-throats were the most numerous sparrows, though in a couple of
places there were actually song sparrows singing. I've seen no fox sparrows
since a walk at Wood Lake last week.  Juncos have been making more
appearances, along with red-breasted nuthatches. Not counting the flocking
robins, there were only bluebirds and 2 Swainson's for thrushes. Great blue
herons, little green herons, and egrets are still around, again in small
numbers. At old Cedar, a few Trumpeter swans took flight heading upriver, as
did a flock of cowbirds at Ft. Snelling. Only 2 yellow-bellied sapsuckers
appeared, and flickers were nowhere this week. One brown creeper showed up
right in St. Paul, in the Merriam Park area. It will be interesting to see
who's left after the upcoming drop in temperature.

Linda whyte
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