[mou] Lebanon Hills

linda whyte linda at moosewoods.us
Wed Oct 10 23:58:57 EDT 2007

The day started with a major backyard grackle convention. They scarfed down
corn, peanuts, and black oil sunflower seeds, and descended on the
birdbaths.  No wonder the juncos and white-throats were scarce today!

At Lebanon Hills there were still many yellow-rumps, but just a couple of
orange-crowns representing the warblers. Ruby-crown kinglets and
white-throats were plentiful, and so were cedar waxwings.  There was one
lone phoebe on the lake north of  the nature center. As usual, raptors
provided the drama: a redtail hawk put on a long aerial display, circling
repeatedly at low altitude for admirable looks at her distinctive plumage,
and a startled Cooper's hawk aborted its hunt at the center's feeders when
it noticed us standing nearby.

Linda Whyte
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