[mou] Sherburne & Mille Lacs

Pastor Al Schirmacher pastoral at princetonfreechurch.net
Fri Oct 12 11:26:20 EDT 2007

71 species over the last week in Sherburne & Mille Lacs Counties:

* 12 waterfowl, including a surprising Black Duck and 15 Pintails (both on 
back side of Sherburne's Auto Tour today) - 250 Shovelers on CR2 ponds last 

* 11 sparrows, including Fox, Lincoln's, Harris', White-crowned - I keep 
waiting for a Nelson's Sharp-tailed to show up one of these falls in the 

* 1500 Ring-billed Gulls on Lake Fremont (Zimmerman), some sprinkling of 
Herrings (for flavor?) - flock may be worth checking for rarities over the 
next few days

* Only three shorebird species (including Sanderlings on Mille Lacs)

* Only three warbler species (one Tennesee, one Orange-crowned)

* Pine Siskins beginning to move through (delete the redpoll thoughts from a 
couple of days ago - simply not fair to have your first Siskin flock of the 
fall "ji-ji-ji-ing"

* Note Erika Sitz' report of 1000+ Sandhills staging here

Good birding to all - look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow!

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties 

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