[mou] Minnesota artist wins federal duck stamp competition

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Subject: Stamp: Art contest winner for 2008-2009 stamp

Judging for the 75th Federal Duck Stamp began yesterday at the Big  
Arts Cultural Center in Sanibel, Florida. The qualifying images for  
this contest were: Green-winged Teal, Harlequin Duck, Northern  
Pintail, and Canvasback.

The winning artist was Joe Hautman of Plymouth, Minnesota.

He has won twice before: for the 1992-3 stamp (Spectacled Eider) and  
2003-3 stamp (Black Scoter). Indeed his two brothers have also won  
before, James three times and Robert twice. (Between them, they have  
now won eight of the Federal Duck Stamp contests.) All three brothers  
and their mother were present at Sanibel today.

The Hautman brothers are wonderful and skilled artists. You can see  
their bios and their work on their collective web site here: http:// 

Some of you will appreciate that their subjects are, as we often say  
on this Listserv, "not just ducks."

forward by Jim Williams, Wayzata

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