[mou] Lauderdale Ramsey Co Yardbirds

Clay Christensen clay.christensen at comcast.net
Mon Oct 15 17:59:45 EDT 2007

Here's a summary of sightings here in Lauderdale, western edge of Ramsey Co., so perhaps those of you south of us can anticipate...

White-throated sparrows, daily since 10/3
Ruby-crowned kinglets, through 10/13
Brown creepers, lots on 10/3, last seen 10/8
Red-breasted nuthatches, two still coming to feeders
E. Bluebird in flight, 10/7
Yellow-bellied sapsucker, 10/8
Killdeer in flight, 10/14, @ 9:35 p.m.
Fox sparrow, 10/15
Pine siskins, two, 10/15
Winter wren, 10/15

It was the winter wren that persuaded me that I should post. They can be very persuasive.

Clay Christensen
Lauderdale, MN
Ramsey Co.
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