[mou] Purgatory Creek-Eden Prairie

John Cyrus cyrus150 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 16 12:37:17 EDT 2007

In between the rain, I found a couple of late surprises at Purgatory Creek. A small flock of warblers was feeding along the trail near Anderson Lakes Pkwy.   This included 5 Orange-crowned(2 were showing their crown which is rare for me), 2 Nashville, 2 Cape May, and a Yellow-rumped.  2 Hermit Thrush were along the trail, and I could only find 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Sparrows seemed more scarce those being White-throated, Lincoln's, Swamp, and Song.   From the blind and pond nearby, there were a few more Green-winged Teal but nothing else different. 

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