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Ed Reilly (home) ed at reilly.net
Thu Oct 18 02:19:44 EDT 2007


Nothing to report.

But we have recently (past year)  re-located  to Minnesota & Twin Cities 
(e.g. I am a native New Yorker - from NYC).   [And I will remind you - 
if you travel to NYC - you must get to the Jamaica Bay Refuge - another 
great Atlantic flyway.  This is where I first experienced my Spring 
Woodcock mating dance - during the first spring full moon.  Such a 
beautiful experience - male Woodcocks thrusting themselves straight into 
the air hundreds of feet.  That such oddity existed within the confines 
of New York City - was unbelievable.  Just recently - upon moving to 
Minnesota - did I discover that Woodcock is a hunted bird.  Sounds odd 
to me. Willing to listen to those who know better.]

So far -  this past year in MN has been a birding blast.

We bought a small home in South Minneapolis - as it feels like we are 
the interlopers (an amazing feeling in a city)  as there are lots of 
"wild-life" in our backyard - maybe more active than we are.  ;-)

In any case- we have been off exploring Sherburne Refuge and Carlos 
Avery Refuge - as well as the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge 
in Bloomington. 

A solitary female RUBY CROWNED KINGLET has been in my backyard for past 
two weeks.  And such a solitary bird was in my backyard back in the 
spring.  I would like to think this is the same (exact) bird?  And this 
afternoon - I spent some time watching a BELTED KINGFISHER fishing from 
the trees of  Lake Hiawatha in Minneapolis.  Again - for you all nothing 
to report.  For me - something special.

I have never been able to say this before.  You Minnesotans are truly 
"birding" fortunate.


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> At 11:50 this AM there was an individual Surf Scoter on Leech Lake in
> Cass County in front of Huddle's Resort seen from Whipholt Beach Road.

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