[mou] Snow Goose - Locke Park (Anoka County)

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I looked over a few of the Canada Goose flocks in the area this morning &
didn't see the Snow Goose.
Thanks for all of the comments on this bird!  Latest consensus has been a
SnowXRoss Hybrid (great analysis in the Sibley Book page 79.)  Pure white
head of a Ross's with a larger bill of a Snow.  Here is a closup of the bird
& other shots:


Jason Bolish

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At least in the first photo it does appear that the bird is somewhat
smaller than the Canada Goose; however, notice that this bird is
behind the Canada Goose in the same image, and thus its size is
distorted by perspective. In the next two images, its size looks
appropriate for a Snow Goose.

Also, the bill has the quite noticeable "grin" patch of a Snow Goose,
and is not short and stubby as on a Ross's Goose.

Bob Dunlap

Quoting Steve Weston <sweston2 at comcast.net>:

> I can not see enough detail and it may be larger than it appears, but
> from the pictures this looks like a Ross's Goose to me.
> Steve Weston
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>> Right now there is a Snow Goose with a flock of Canada Geese in the
>> lot on the North side of Columbia Arena in Fridley (University Ave & 69th
>> Ave.)  I noticed a bright white Goose in with the Canada's when they were
>> landing.  With the GWF Goose showing up in Eden Prairie this week with
>> Canadas, who knows what will be next.
>> There are some pics with comparison to Canada Goose here:
>> http://www.bolioshot.com/photography/images/sng1rc1017.jpg
>> http://www.bolioshot.com/photography/images/sng2rc1017.jpg
>> http://www.bolioshot.com/photography/images/sng3rc1017.jpg

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