[mou] BAGO, Blackpoll, and more

Robert_Russell at fws.gov Robert_Russell at fws.gov
Mon Oct 22 15:12:20 EDT 2007

Took a leisurely trip around the Superior Forest, Duluth, and up to Pigeon
River over the weekend.  Notables included:

jaeger sp.  Park Point Bathhouse--2 seen coming from the north on afternoon
of the 19th with one heading towards Superior entry and one towards Lift
Bridge.  Never approached closer than .75 mile.  Light of wing and body so
probably not Pomarines but best kept at sp. 19 Oct

Blackpoll Warbler:  had a nice view of a brush-inhabiting bird at Father's
Baraga's Cross (Cook County) and possibly the only uncommon bird I have
ever seen there in 47 stops dating back to near the middle of the last
century.  Bird gave a very throaty chip and popped up with pishing, back
streaking, slender appearance, side streaks, narrow white wing bars, no
buff, moderately yellow breast and throat and stunning yellow linings to
feet and greyish legs (but definitely not a Pine which are known to have
yellow feet on occasion).  21 Oct

Probable Western Meadowlark--on walk out to Grand Marais Lighthouse, very
pale backed and pale-headed bird with just  very light lemony underparts.
Gave occasional "tuck" alarm call while I watched from close quarters.  Kim
Eckert (pers. comm.) and Jim Lind believe most, if not all meadowlarks seen
in the fall along the lakeshore are likely this species.  21 Oct

Barrow's Goldeneye--a subadult male bird appearing very much like the
Duluth Harbor bird we saw 2 weeks ago only slightly more advanced in
plumage was on the Grand Portage sewage ponds yesterday afternoon with
15-20 Common Goldeneye.  The bird had a fairly well-defined and large
crescent patch yet still subdued compared to an adult male that extended
both above and below the eye, a very boxy head with a very steep forehead,
and white chest contrasting to dark splottchy sides interlaced with some
white.  It seems a remote possiblity that this was the same bird seen at
Duluth some 110 miles away but if the bird was headed eastward and didn't
want to fly into the due east winds that blew most of the week, maybe it
could be.  The plumage similarities were startling. The bird was not seen
in flight.  21 Oct

Lonspurs, pipits, --20-25 longspurs and at least 3 Water Pipits at the
Grand Portage sewage ponds.  All longspurs identified were Lapland but
there were some suspicious birds seen but not heard in flight that warrant
further study.

Still plenty of Red-tails, eagles, and merlins along the North Shore
waiting for some decent winds.  The North Shore waterfalls are all running
full bore and spectacular!!

White-winged Crossbill--12 seen at Ely Lake south of Eveleth on the move
southward. 20 Oct  Bob Russell, Dakota County
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