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10/24 and 10/25/07.  Yesterday morning found several downy and hairy  
woodpeckers, 2 yellow bellied sapsuckers, and one male threetoed woodpecker at  
lighthouse point in Two Harbors.  Also found one pilleated woodpecker, and  one 
female blackbacked woodpecker at Stony Point.  This AM I found a male  black 
backed woodpecker on Minnesota Point by the airport.  Interestingly,  both the 
three toed male and the black backed male foraged only on birch trees  when I 
observed them, (look to the birches). A remarkable experience with the  male 
black backed this AM.  While observing and photographing the bird a  Merlin flew 
in and attempted to prey upon the black backed.  The woodpecker  saw him coming 
and let out a piercing vocalization that rattled and squawked,  the merlin 
pulled up and swiped at the woodpecker but missed, both flew off with  the 
Merlin in hot pursuit.  This took place while I stood 15feet away  watching, WOW.  
Other notable birds in the last two days included a fox  sparrow, and a flock 
of 30 pine siskins at light house point.   Several bald eagles in several 
locations. 10 Black Bellied Plovers on Minnesota  Point. The snow buntings are 
increasing in numbers with a flock of 100 plus  found on Minnesota Point.  On a 
side note, I returned to Minnesot Point  this evening and watched an amazing 
full moon rise over Lake Superior.  I  enjoyed this spectacle near a sleeping 
blackbellied and american golden  plover.  I made a small fire.  When the moon 
had risen a ways the  plovers awoke, moved to the shoreline, vocalized to each 
other briefly, then  took to the air, I assume, to not return.  As far as a 
day to enjoy the  spectacle of migration, this was a 10 of 10.
Happy Birding.  Shawn Zierman

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