[mou] Ferruginous

jeff fischer tiercel63 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 21:30:23 EDT 2007

I spotted what I believe is a light morph Ferruginous Hawk at Wisconsin point this after noon. It was in the marshy area on the side of the road to the beach. I have several pictures and it has an all white breast, feathered feat, and white crescent shape patches on the top of the wings. This is most likely a migrating bird since their typical habitat is an arid, dry climate. After taking a few pictures another car came and I had to move. As I parked ion the side of the road the bird took off, I got a shot as he was leaving, and flew further from the road. I then went and checked out the beach. I looked for him on my way out but I was not able to find him. I will post pictures up on my blog when I get them off the camera and processed.
If anyone knows the address to a Wisconsin list server you may want to forward this message.
Jeff Fischer

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