[mou] Evening Grosbeaks in Duluth!

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Sat Oct 27 14:13:48 EDT 2007

I had things to do this Saturday morning that were going to prevent me from  
doing any birding, so I had to make due with occasionally glancing out the  
backyard window.  I nearly went spastic when I looked out and saw 10  EVENING 
GROSBEAKS!  They had dropped out of the sky and quickly gorged  themselves on 
some sunflower seeds I put out on a tray feeder that is close to  the ground to 
placate the squirrels so they don't pull down my finch  feeders.  9 of the 
grosbeaks were male, one was female.  They fed for  about 10 minutes then took 
off, have not returned yet.  I've now had 5  finch species this AM with pine 
siskin, purple and house finches, and american  goldfinches rounding out the 
list.  I have lived in West Duluth for 10  years and have never seen evening 
grosbeaks, however, this is the first year I  have ever featured a tray style 
feeder.  Also have had a pileated  woodpecker flying over my yard two days in a row 
now.  Life is good:)   Shawn Zierman.

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