[mou] tufted titmouse, carver county

mark.larose at mchsi.com mark.larose at mchsi.com
Mon Oct 29 07:44:14 EDT 2007

At 6pm last evening, I went into the yard to put the puppy out before going to dinner (thus the late 
post) and saw a titmouse at the feeders with the chickadees, goldfinches and both nuthatches. No 
binoculars, but seen at 20 yards in decent light. I lived in Missouri and Ohio previously and am very 
familiar with them: crested gray bird just larger than the chickadees but smaller than the white-
breasted nuthatch, darker on its back and lighter beneath. It flew from the feeder to a large brush pile 
and turned to face me - a small amount of dark color at the feathers at the base of the beak. It flew 
back to the feeder and then up to the trees with a seed - silhouetted and defining the crest well. I saw it 
for 1 -2 minutes and had to leave for dinner. The sun isn't yet up to know if its still around, but I'll post 
if it is.

Mark LaRose

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