[mou] Black-bellied Whistling Duck

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Tue Oct 30 12:35:44 EDT 2007

For those looking for the most popular duck in MN at the moment, a couple of observations that may be helpful.? The directions to the spot are good.? The path down to the pond's shore is not so obvious.? You can scan from the top of the hill or by the shore.? The duck has been seen yesterday and today in the company of Wood Ducks.? As you're looking at the pond, its favored area is to the back and left.? There's a log lying right along the shore, but in the water.? The grassy area behind that is generally where I observed the duck today from 9:30-10:00ish.? Others I talked to said he was in the same area last night.? If it's not immediately visible, be patient.? The grass camouflages it well, but as it feeds and moves around you can get nice looks.? A scope helps but is not necessary.
Linda Sparling

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