[mou] Inca Dove update

Jim Lind jslind at frontiernet.net
Tue Oct 30 20:24:38 EDT 2007

The Inca Dove was relocated at about 4:00 in the same location in Two 
Harbors.  It was last seen on the the ground below the feeders at 
about 5:00 pm, and it may have flown into the large patch of cedars 
to roost for the evening.

The address is 304 2nd Avenue, and the feeder can be seen from 3rd 
Street, which runs north and south (Lighthouse Point is at the south 
end).  Avenues run east and west in Two Harbors.  The bird was also 
observed in the cedars at the east end of the alley between 2nd and 
3rd Avenue.  The cedars are very tall and dense, and the bird was 
easy to overlook when roosting.  

The homeowner spread some more cracked corn and mixed seed on the 
ground, so hopefully the bird will stick around.  Everyone in the 
neighborhood is friendly and knows about the bird, and the area can 
be easily searched from the sidewalks and alley without going into 
any yards.

I won't be able to look for the bird until tomorrow afternoon, but 
I'll pass along any updates I hear.  I'm also posting a photo on the 
MOU Recently Seen page this evening.

Jim Lind
Two Harbors

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