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Rev. Nancy Richmond stjpolar at newnorth.net
Tue Oct 30 19:59:01 EDT 2007

HI - 

Just got back from a trip up the North Shore. My husband and I spotted a
female Summer Tanager on Stoney Point  (just up the shore from the fish
houses) on the morning of Oct 23. I was just reading the MOU Duluth/North
Shore RBA and noted one had been seen 2 days earlier. Here's a description
of observation: 



Yellow orange overall. Tan bill heavier, less acute than oriole. Mostly
uniform color but brighter on rump, duller on wings. wing tips reached only
to base of tail and seemed to droop a little when perched. Plain face. No
wing bars or tail markings. Head shape slightly crested. Viewed for about 1
1/2 min. Distance 20 feet. 8x42 binoc. Wrote down description before
checking field guides. Referenced Sibley.



Nancy Richmond

Polar Wisconsin

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