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Robert_Russell at fws.gov Robert_Russell at fws.gov
Wed Oct 31 12:23:26 EDT 2007

A new website that may be of interest to state DNRs, law enforecement, and
raptor folks has been just been announced.  THE FEATHER ATLAS OF NORTH
AMERICAN BIRDS is a new web-based resource from the Forensics Lab for the
identification of wing and tail feathers.  These feathers are often
encountered by OLE investigators in wildlife products or associated with
bird remains, but can be very difficult to identify with bird field guides.
The website (http://www.lab.fws.gov/featheratlas/) currently contains
high-resolution scanned images of the flight feathers of 64 species,
including all widespread North American hawks and eagles, falcons,
vultures, owls, and doves, as well as roadrunner and other cuckoos and
flickers and other woodpeckers.  Of particular value to investigators will
be the extensive series of scans illustrating the appearance of the wing
and tail feathers at various ages in both Bald and Golden Eagles.  Bob
Russell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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