[mou] Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Paul Budde Paul.Budde at us.benfieldgroup.com
Wed Oct 31 14:38:42 EDT 2007

Yesterday afternoon (around 4PM) I could not find the bird at the usual
spot (medium sized pond with many dead trees).  So I went north to look
for it on the much larger lake just a few hundred yards away, where
there were many geese, coots, widgeons, and at least a few Wood Ducks.
While standing there I saw the BBWD in flight, heading east as if to
cross Hwy 169.  Rather than cross the highway it apparently circled
around south and west, because when I returned to the dead tree pond it
was there.  So it appears that the bird also spends some time on this
larger lake.

Paul Budde
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