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 Looks more like an immature Red-shouldered Hawk to me. The tail bands are not wide enough for a Coop. and the terminal dark band on the tail is not consistent with Broad-wingeds. If I use my imagination I can see a hint of rufous "red" in the shoulders. Just my thoughts.
Matt Solensky



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I thought the same.? It has a great Coopers 
profile, long and lean, except that the wings are too long and the tail isn't 
long enough.


Steve Weston

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Not sure on the size but it looks like an hatch year Cooper's to me.. The 
  yellow eye puts it as a hatch year bird, the head is looking more Coop's to 


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Yes, me and my bird ignorance are back. I saw 
    a hawk at Carlos Avery that I (very tentatively) IDed as an immature 
    broadwing. I would appreciate it if someone might look at this 
    pic and critique my efforts.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

John Mikes
Weekend Shooter



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