[mou] Thayer's and Lesser Black-backed Gulls on Calhoun (Minneapolis)

Paul Budde Paul.Budde at us.benfieldgroup.com
Sat Sep 22 22:11:27 EDT 2007

Connie Brunell, John Ellis and I enjoyed seeing five species of gulls on
Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis this evening.  These included the first
Thayer's Gull of the year (for me, anyways), the Lesser Black-backed,
and a half dozen Franklin's Gulls.  The large gulls were closer than
usual to the shore this evening, and the Thayer's was an adult.

For any new to the area, large flocks of gulls come in to roost on Lakes
Calhoun and Harriet in the evening every fall.  Both of these lakes are
in southwest Minneapolis.  Best viewing is typically from the west
shorelines, beginning about a half hour before sunset.  Viewing is best
when there is a west wind as the birds are typically bunched and closer
to shore.

Paul Budde
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