[mou] ducks and aborted birding trip

Ben Parke trumpetplayers at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 13:04:36 CDT 2008

Due to the unfortunate reoccurance of overheating of my car (stayed fixed for all of one day) I ended up birding the pond/lake immediately west of Powers Blvd exit on the new 312, north side of the road (by which time my car was too overheated to go any further.)  The pond produced the following:
  canada geese
  ring-necked duck (the most numerous)
  greater and lesser scaup
  hooded merganser
  killdeer (one of which landed a few feet from me)
  And that was sadly the extent of my birding trip (originally meant to be Black Dog and Bass Ponds!)  Curses to old cars.
  Ben, stuck in Chaska

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