[mou] Lake & Cook Co. birds

Jim & Carol Tveekrem jotcat at boreal.org
Thu Apr 3 16:18:44 CDT 2008

Before heading southwest to Silver Bay for most of the day, had the 
surprise of a bright male Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler in my almost 
snowless veggie garden.  First warbler for us this spring, thanks to the 
stiff southwest breeze.  Also on the ground at the same time was the 
adult Harris' Sparrow which has been at our feeders almost daily since 
December.  We have had increasing size flocks of Redpolls since late 
February (alas, no Hoaries), starting with 2 or 3 birds, usually males, 
at a time, now 50-60 or more and mostly females and/or younger males.  
So far no juncos, other sparrows, finches, siskins, blackbirds or 
anything else except hungry Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted 
Nuthatches, and Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. 
    While driving to Silver Bay - two Rough-legged Hawks, 1 adult Bald 
Eagle (few now along the shore compared to a month ago), Crows, Ravens.  
In Silver Bay, heard a Purple Finch singing across the street from the 
Library.  Plenty of Starlings, Crows, Ring-billed Gulls.  Only waterfowl 
in the marina area were two male Common Goldeneyes.  Didn't have much 
chance for other birding.
    Also, thankfully, fewer deer along the highway since the snow has 
melted back quite a bit and there are even green spots in the grass.  
Rivers are still mostly iced over, but more open spots every day. 
    Just had a Herring Gull commotion overhead, turned out they were 
harassing a Bald Eagle, who landed in a big spruce nearby.  The gulls 
eventually went back in the direction of Gull Island at Taconite 
Harbor.  Eagles just love gull chicks.

Carol Tveekrem,

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