[mou] St.John's Univ Arboretum marsh

Milton Blomberg MJBFLWRMT at MSN.COM
Thu Apr 3 21:57:29 CDT 2008

Stopped by at 4:30pm today (Thurs) for a few minutes, where some open water exists along the drainage. 
A beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk circling the marsh (this specie is mapped out as one of those concerned for the Avon Hills Initiative-a local land watch organization here).
Ringnecks (several)
Blue-winged Teal (1pr)
Northern Shoveler (1pr)
Hooded Mergansers (4pr)
Canvasback (1)
Mallards & C.Geese (~doz)
Am. Coots (several)
Great Egret (1)
Turkey Vulture (3 circling in the distance) and...
  while glassing on them, a white-bellied almost tern-like bird (not a tern) which seemed to 
   fly like it was skipping through the air...I suspect Greater Yellowlegs, but too distant to fully
   see/hear it well.
Buffleheads (3pr) on the little Holdingford School Pond

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