[mou] Rice Co., parts of LeSeuer, Thursday

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Fri Apr 4 22:10:16 CDT 2008

On Thursday, we visited some of the lakes and streams along the Cannon River
watershed. There was still much ice, but in the open areas, a good diversity
of waterfowl had congregated. The rookery island on Wells Lake was teeming
with both GB herons and cormorants, all very vociferous. Around 30 pelicans
basked on the ice edge, west of the rookery. By the bridge was an assortment
of divers and dabblers. We saw one loon; common, hooded and red-breasted
mergansers; scaup; ring-necked ducks; bufflehead; blue-winged teal;
shovelers; and the usual coots, mallards, and Canadas.

A song sparrow was serenading at river's edge along Sakatah Singing Hills
Trail, as a pair of tree swallows chased their lunch in the WMA nearby. In
Sakatah State Park, there were a couple of E. phoebes likewise engaged.
Besides a half-dozen red-tail hawks, a couple of bald eagles, and a turkey
vulture, we counted 9 different kestrels surveying the fields. There were
bluebirds about, as well.

On the way home, we passed by a couple of trees that seemed to be sprouting
black foliage. It turned out to be thousands of blackbirds. They were all
trying to get in a word edge-wise, and the din they created was deafening.
Linda Whyte
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