[mou] Heron rookery, and a sapsucker

Liz Stanley liz at lizstanley.com
Sat Apr 5 21:11:19 CDT 2008

Today I had a chance to visit the heron rookery at North Mississippi
Regional Park. It was my first time there, and it didn't take me long to
figure out that photography opportunities are much better in the
afternoon, since the view of the island faces due east! There was more
action in the morning, but the light was much better when I returned in
the afternoon. The weather was very cooperative, and there were several
other birders and photographers there. I saw a lot of heron mating going
on, and of course nest building. I found myself wondering if herons are
monogamous (hard to tell) and whether the nest building is a communal
effort, since they didn't seem to be particular about which nest they
landed in. I also saw a pair of tree swallows. Back home in Bloomington, I
had a male yellow-bellied sapsucker drilling wells in a backyard tree.

Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for looking!



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