[mou] Polk County Ponds & Prairies

Larson Kelly northernflights at charter.net
Sat Apr 5 21:33:01 CDT 2008

More great FOY birds today. Impressive numbers of A. Robins and Dark- 
eyed Junco are on the move and everywhere. Some foraging flocks  
numbered in the hundreds! Observed small flocks of starlings (6-20  
birds) in many areas we visited today.

Raptor Totals
Turkey Vulture-1
Northern Harrier-17
Bald Eagle-5
Red-tailed Hawk-3
Rough-legged Hawk-3
American Kestrel-13

Erskine-on the NE side of Oak Lake
Eastern Bluebird-2-FOY

Rydell NWR
Killdeer-26 (foraging with hundreds of Robin, Junco, and Starling)
Red-winged Blackbird-1-FOY
Common Grackle-6-FOY
Western Meadowlark -3-FOY

Glacial Ridge NWR
Trumpeter Swan-7
C. Geese-hundreds
Northern Pintail-2 FOY
Greater Prairie Chicken-7 males on lek displaying for 2 visible hens.  
Also flights of 17, 5 and two groups of 3.
Sandhill Crane-13
Mourning Dove-4 FOY
Northern Shrike-2
Black-billed Magpie-4
Western Meadowlark-3

Kelly Larson
Bagley/Bemidji Minnesota

Eschew Obfuscation!
The middle of Nowhere is Somewhere!

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