[mou] Cedar Ave. Bridge & Bass ponds this morning

Jim Ryan muchmoredoc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 16:35:55 CDT 2008

Not as much open water as I expected at Cedar Ave. Bridge - good news was
the birds were concentrated.

*Great Egret* on 'beaver pond' near parking lot - And I had decided not to
bring my camera - Big mistake! Missed a great photo op as it perched on a

At turn-off trail to boardwalk:
*E. Phoebe* - FOY
*Fox Sparrow* - FOY

Birded briefly w/ Bruce Baer on the boardwalk and we saw:
Green-winged teal *- only saw 1 briefly then could not relocate*
Common Merganser
Blue-winged Teal
N. Shoveler
Am. Coots
L. Scaup
Common Goldeneye
G. B. Heron
Ring-necked ducks
Eagle on nest
Wood Duck
**Ring-billed Gulls*
*Herring Gull *-immature
*Canada Geese

At Bass ponds:
2 flyover flocks of *swans-* sounded like cranes to me so I think they were
*Tundras* (FOY)
*Common Loon* - 2 on Hogback Ridge pond
*Red-breasted Merganser* - FOY - 1 male on pond
*Ruddy Duck* - FOY - 3 on pond - 2 males, 1 female
*Belted Kingfisher* - FOY
*Pie-billed Grebe* - FOY - 2 on pond
*Blue-winged Teal*

In the smelly mud out on the lake:
*N. Harrier*
*Am. Coots
Green-winged Teal
L. Scaup
Ring-necked Ducks*

Of course lots of *Red-wing blackbirds*, *Song Sparrows *and *robins* at
both spots


Jim Ryan on St. Paul's Westside
651-308-0234 business cell

"A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of
life." - Charles Darwin
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