[mou] possible Black Vulture

pmegeland at aol.com pmegeland at aol.com
Wed Apr 9 16:41:18 CDT 2008

At 3:00 PM this afternoon I was at a meeting taking care of some 
personal business. The location was just north of the Wooddale Church 
along Shady Oak Rd in Eden Prairie when I had a short break in the 
meeting, I was on the 4th floor and the view was to the north west. 
First a pair of Bald Eagles came up over the woods about 1/4 to 1/2 
mile to the NW, then a dark bird came up, at first I thought it might 
be a hawk but as it worked to gain altitude it did the rapid flap flap 
sail to gain altitude. It did this several times and was joined by a 
light bellied hawk which I would guess was a Red Tail. The hawk was a 
bit smaller than the dark bird. As they gained altitude the short broad 
tail and almost no head was
evident on the dark bird. They circled higher and higher and drifted to 
the south west. Because I did not have binos and the distance, it is 
one of those situations where I am quit sure that I saw A Black Vulture 
but will never know for sure.  Birders in the southwest quadrant  
should be on the lookout.
Paul Egeland

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