[mou] First Bluebirds

john nelson nelsonjc at hickorytech.net
Thu Apr 10 10:12:47 CDT 2008

A pair of Bluebirds were checking out a house this morning, as usual I  
don't have the nest cam set up yet, and won't for a few days given the  
weather. They're not likely to stay or nest yet anyway. We've been  
able to watch and tape a pair of Bluebirds followed by a pair of Tree  
Swallows build nest,lay, hatch feed and fledge 8-10 of each the past  
two years. Fascinating. It always seems that the last to leave the  
nest has the needs the most coaxing.
This mornings trip to Mapleton took me by Perch Lake and while there  
far fewer gulls, a hundred or more White Pelicans, most on the lee  
shore. More ducks on the small potholes, including the first Green- 
Wing Teal I've identified here. Was able to follow a 10 Pintails sail  
in and lite. What a beautiful sight. Also I was able to follow a  
Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk) in flight for a few minutes.
I enjoy using the local,common, colloquial names for some of the  
birds, because it brings back memories past (and they are often far  
more colorful).
I learned ducks from my Dad in the 50s when Wood Ducks were so rare  
they were illegal to hunt. At Swan Lake,near Nicollet Snow Geese and  
Blue Geese (the latter considered a separate species at that time,  
while Canada Geese were rare.

John Nelson
Near Beauford 

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