[mou] Horned Grebes Gem Lake

johndjonas at aol.com johndjonas at aol.com
Sun Apr 13 11:52:31 CDT 2008

I spent the morning on a photograpy "expedition" to Gem Lake in White Bear Lake this morning.
I was photgraphing a loon and a bird I'd never seen before popped up between the loon and me, from the body shape
I figured it was a grebe of some sort.? Indeed it was, it was a Horned Grebe, a first for me.? then two more flew in later.
They were still there when I left at 10:30AM this morning.? I will be going back earlier this afternoon whent the 
sun is better for photographing.

So here the rundown:

Great Egrets - 40+
L. Scaups - 10
Buffleheads - 15 - 20 Pair
Mallards - Many
Great Blue Herons - 3
Common Loons - 28+ (Close to shore, very active, and love to pose. it was amazing listening to their songs and watching them do their thing.)
Horned Grebe - 3

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