[mou] disturbing house sparrows

Mary Hall mehall53 at msn.com
Sun Apr 13 19:11:17 CDT 2008

Hi birders-
As I pleasingly watched a pair of Fox Sparrows bathe on the edge of our small pond, I was completely disturbed 
to watch as three house sparrows dive bombed in and chased them away! 
(Reason # 44 as to why I dislike them so much!)

Happier note:

Wood Duck pair at my feeders
Few Juncos (numbers are declining here)
Chipping Sparrows
Fox Sparrows
Many M Red-Winged Blackbirds
1-M /  2-F  Brown Headed Cowbirds 
House Finches
M and F Cardinal

If anyone would like an extraordinary look at an old colleagues web site, I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!
Bird and wildlife photographer (and funny too!) 
He lives near Toronto and shoots a lot from there.  www.ronpitts.com<http://www.ronpitts.com/> 

Mary Hall
Brooklyn Center, MN
Near MAC Park
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