[mou] Birding yesterday around Washington and Dakota Counties

Richard Wood rwoodphd at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 08:44:48 CDT 2008

Hi all,

Jill and Ginkgo and I went birding yesterday around Washington and Dakota Counties, primarily in search of Common Loons.  We started at Point Douglas Park and we weren't disappointed, as we located at least three Loons.

Our next stop was the marina area on the east side of the Mississippi River, where we saw American White Pelicans, Wood Ducks, Red-breasted Mergansers and American Goldfinches, to name a few.  After this, we went off to the 180th St. marsh, where we struck out on the Marbled Godwit, but we did see a Loggerhead Shrike as well as a Canvasback mixed in with the ducks.

Overall, it was a good day, as we saw over 30 species in the time we were out.  Here's our complete list:

Red-winged Blackbird|Washington|20080413||||
Wood Duck|Washington|20080413||||
American Goldfinch|Washington|20080413||||
Common Grackle|Washington|20080413||||
Ring-billed Gull|Washington|20080413||||
Red-breasted Merganser|Washington|20080413||||
American White Pelican|Washington|20080413||||
Rock Pigeon|Washington|20080413||||
American Robin|Washington|20080413||||
Turkey Vulture|Washington|20080413||||
Downy Woodpecker|Washington|20080413||||
Eastern Bluebird|Dakota|20080413||||
American Kestrel|Dakota|20080413||||
Northern Shoveler|Dakota|20080413||||
American Coot|Dakota|20080413||||
American Wigeon|Dakota|20080413||||
Ring-necked Duck|Dakota|20080413||||
Green-winged Teal|Dakota|20080413||||
Horned Lark|Dakota|20080413||||
Loggerhead Shrike|Dakota|20080413||||
Mourning Dove|Dakota|20080413||||
Canada Goose|Dakota|20080413||||
American Crow|Dakota|20080413||||
Dark-eyed Junco|Dakota|20080413||||
House Finch|Dakota|20080413||||
Black-capped Chickadee|Dakota|20080413||||
White-breasted Nuthatch|Dakota|20080413||||
House Sparrow|Dakota|20080413||||
Northern Cardinal|Dakota|20080413||||
European Starling|Dakota|20080413||||

Good birding,
Richard and Jill and Ginkgo

Richard L. Wood, Ph. D.
Hastings, MN
rwoodphd at yahoo.com

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