[mou] Anyone help?

Jim Fitzpatrick jim at carpenternaturecenter.org
Mon Apr 14 12:03:55 CDT 2008

I am wondering if there have been any reports of whooping cranes in the
MN-WI boarder area. We have a visitor who says on Sunday APRIL13 as he
was walking along our railroad bed trail along the St. Croix River he
saw a dark shadow and looked up to see 4 Whooping Cranes flying
upstream. Here are his words. 


"I looked up and saw four Whooping Cranes ridge soaring, slowly moving
north. They played the air currents well for they hardly moved their
wings.. The wind was perfect for soaring as two Turkey Vultures soon
followed. The Cranes flew abreast most of the time. I could not believe
my eyes for they are indeed rare! I have seen these at the refuge
(Aransas) in Texas. And....I know they were not Tundra Swans, Pelicans
or Trumpeter Swans."


Have they been reported anywhere else?


Jim Fitzpatrick

Carpenter Nature Center

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