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Richard Wood rwoodphd at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 12:49:14 CDT 2008

Hi all,

Here's a list of today's sightings on my way to work.

I stopped off at lake rebecca, which was where I saw most of my birds.

Highlights were the two dozen pelicans over the river and in the lake, a pair of Red-breasted Merganser drakes, and a Winter Wren that I heard somewhere in the woods (thanks to my iPod with all the bird songs).  I also had a killer look at a Yellow-bellied Spasucker as I was getting out of my car in Minneapolis.

Northern Cardinal|Dakota|20080414||||
Double-crested Cormorant|Dakota|20080414||||
American Crow|Dakota|20080414||||
Bald Eagle|Dakota|20080414||||
Great Egret|Dakota|20080414||||
Northern Flicker|Dakota|20080414||||
Common Grackle|Dakota|20080414||||
Pied-billed Grebe|Dakota|20080414||||
Great Blue Heron|Dakota|20080414||||
Dark-eyed Junco|Dakota|20080414||||
Red-breasted Merganser|Dakota|20080414||||
Red-tailed Hawk|Dakota|20080414||||
American White Pelican|Dakota|20080414|24|||
Rock Pigeon|Dakota|20080414||||
American Robin|Dakota|20080414||||
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker|Hennepin|20080414||||
Northern Shoveler|Dakota|20080414||||
Turkey Vulture|Dakota|20080414||||
Downy Woodpecker|Dakota|20080414||||
Winter Wren|Dakota|20080414||||

Good birding,

Richard L. Wood, Ph. D.
Hastings, MN
rwoodphd at yahoo.com

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