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Mon Apr 14 14:03:46 CDT 2008

I went birding in Brainerd with a small crew on 4/12/2008.  We were
birding on private property (with permission), as well as checked some
public spots in and around the area of about 5 miles around the Green
Lantern Tavern.  The snow had all melted prior to Thursday but during
the storm they had over 20" of snow in some places.  Despite the massive
snow on the g our team had a GREAT birding experience.


We saw 23 species:


Purple Finch

Black-Capped Chickadee

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Downy Woodpecker

Dark-eyed Junco

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Sandhill Cranes

American Crows

Great Blue Heron

Robins (large flocks)


Hairy Woodpecker

Ring Necked Ducks

Wood Ducks

Canada Goose

Red Wing Black Bird (Sound only)

Eastern Phoebe

Blue Jay (Sound only)

Tundra Swan

Northern Flicker

White-Breasted Nuthatch


Rock Doves


Among some of the cooler things we saw:


#1:  A pair of sandhill cranes doing their mating dance

#2:  A merlin hunting at a nearby feeder.  I had never seen a group of
nuthatches stay so still for so long

#3:  A migrating flock of water fowl which included a pair of tundra



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