[mou] Thrushes

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Mon Apr 14 17:04:28 CDT 2008

Well the best comment I had on my thrush dilemma was that they were  
all variants of the Hermit Thrush.  So I went out with that in mind  
and applied it to every beastie I saw.  Sure enough it seemed to fit.   
Now call that birdbrain washing, manifesting Hermits, illusions  
projecting reality, surrender to something that sounds rational,  
wisely intuitive, stubbornly stupid, common sense, illumined make  
believe, or whatever else anyone out there can come up with, that is  
my story and I am sticking to it.  I don't think recreational  
ornithology will ever resort of birdie footprints IDs in the FBI files  
or laser scan DNA testing with a unit built into our binoculars, so  
sometimes I just get to kinda guess and do the best I can and hope  
someone far wiser and more experience than I can guide my not-so- 
serious self into birder ID nirvana.  Thank you birders all for the  
feedback and sharing your experience and knowledge.  I love this  
stuff.  And, oh, by the way...

Man, were there a lot of Hermit Thrushes out there today!

Thomas Maiello
Angel Environmental Management, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN

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