[mou] Mew Gull not relocated

rdunlap at gac.edu rdunlap at gac.edu
Mon Apr 14 18:52:45 CDT 2008

I checked out Eagle Lake east of Mankato in Blue Earth County this  
afternoon and found very few gulls. It appears that most of the gulls  
present there yesterday have migrated farther north with today's warm  
south winds. Needless to say, the only gulls I saw were Ring-billed  

There were however several Horned Grebes on this lake as well as a  
couple Red-necked Grebes; also present were lots of diving ducks and a  
few Common Loons.

In Nicollet County, I found a Common Loon on the east side of Oakleaf  
Lake just west of Saint Peter on Hwy. 99. This is a difficult species  
to find in the county, as there are very few lakes deep enough to  
attract loons during migration. But with the loon bonanza occurring in  
southern MN over the past week, I figured this was my best chance at  
one, and lo and behold. Also on Oakleaf Lake were several Horned Grebes.

The ice is finally gone from southern Minnesota's lakes!

Bob Dunlap, (less than two months left!) in Nicollet County

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