[mou] Hyland Park Reserve - Loons and Great Horned Owls..

Liz Stanley liz at lizstanley.com
Mon Apr 14 21:08:53 CDT 2008

I went to Hyland Park today to check it out. Lots of loons and ducks in
the open area of the lake. I wonder how long they will stay. First I went
around 11:00 and then went back at 5:00 with a portable blind and sat on
shore by the picnic area. I managed to get some decent shots.


Red-breasted merganser - http://www.pbase.com/gymell/image/95639392
Ring-necked duck - http://www.pbase.com/gymell/image/95639383
Lesser scaup - http://www.pbase.com/gymell/image/95650235

Also saw shovelers, grebes, and coots. Since I don't know my ducks too
well, this was a great educational experience for me. Many turkey vultures
flying over around midday, and tons of frogs everywhere!


> Went to Hyland Lake Park Reserve this morning around 11am - 1:30pm.  The
> lake was filled with loons.  At one point I had 28 common loons in
> view.  Along with the ones around the corner I believe there were at
> least 31-33 common loons present.
> The concentration of loons is just amazing.  I've never seen such a
> thing in the spring before.
> Chris Fagyal
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