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Tue Apr 15 19:40:22 CDT 2008

Spent the better half of the morning, 4/15/08, birding 40th avenue west and  
Minnesota Point in Duluth.  The strong south winds clearly blew in some  
migrants today.  At 40th avenue west I observed the following:
several ringbilled ducks,
several wood ducks,(FOY)
several hooded mergansers including 4 males doing all kinds of antics for  
one female, very entertaining:)
1 northern shrike,
2 northern flickers, (FOY)
several song sparrows, (FOY)
and for the insect lovers, my FOY mourning cloak butterfly.
Near Minnesota Point:
American White Pelican (FOY)
At Minnesota Point:
Northern Shoveler (FOY)
Pied Billed Grebe (FOY)
2 Osprey (FOY)  
Approx. 30 sharp shinned hawks (FOY)
At least 20 red tailed hawks
Several Turkey Vultures,
Rough legged Hawks,
Bald Eagles,
Frankly there were MANY raptors moving down the shoreline of Minnesota  Point 
this mid morning riding the strong southern current northward, many of  these 
I was not able to identify with certainty.  In the 1 and half hours  that I 
was at Minnesota Point, I would put a conservative estimate of 150 to 200  
raptors seen.  The sharp shinneds were moving down the shoreline quite low  in the 
sky, great fun to watch but very hard to track with binocs due to the  speed 
of their flight.  Happy Birding.  Shawn Zierman.

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