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linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Wed Apr 16 10:57:57 CDT 2008

The home entertainment continues in the backyard plum tree, with more
feeding visits from a ruby-crowned kinglet, and the addition of a FOY
white-throated sparrow. The y-b sapsuckers seem to have moved on from the
pine in the front yard. So far, there has been no repeat performance of last
weekend's blue jay show, when 4 of our presumably resident jays did a most
interesting tete-a-tete with a fifth jay. After consulting the Sibley
behavior book, the conclusion was that all the insistent "talk," and
body-bobbing may have been aimed at deflecting an interloper's presence away
from a claimed territory full of goodies ( though maybe the folks were
kicking a reluctant kid out of the house into adulthood). In the end, all
five jays were doing the song and dance in unison, facing the same
direction. If only human beings could settle their differences that way....

Now I'm hoping for a visit from a GC kinglet willing to give the same show
of colors enjoyed on walks Monday and yesterday. Two different
golden-crowned kinglets displayed their crowns so fully that they actually
flashed outer edges of flame orange---so much so, that I at first mistook
them for ruby-crowns.
Linda Whyte
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