[mou] Loons - Ramsey County Goose Lake

Wenger, Char CAWenger at landolakes.com
Wed Apr 16 14:26:40 CDT 2008

I checked out Goose Lake in Ramsey County (Hwy 61 and County Road F)
over the noon hour today (Wednesday) and there were still at least 70
Common Loons present and probably another 15 - 20 on the East side of
Hwy 61.  You can get good looks at them if you turn West on County Road
F, then turn right at the T and drive up a couple of blocks where you
can pull off the road right by the lake.  It was very fun and exciting
to see that many Loons at one time.  A very enjoyable lunch break!!
Charlotte Wenger, CPS
cawenger at landolakes.com
(651) 481-2828
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