[mou] FOY Song Sparrow, Turkey Vulture, S. Beltrami County

David S. Carman dscarman at charter.net
Wed Apr 16 18:02:44 CDT 2008

A FOY Song Sparrow was at my ground feeder this morning.  At noon, I
observed 3 FOY Turkey Vultures making short work of a road-killed grey
squirrel just west of the entrance to the new High School in W. Bemidji.
Also, since last week, I have observed at different times of the day, a
nesting? pair of adult Northern Harriers working the marsh on the South side
of 15th Street NW (Beltrami County Rt. 6) between the school bus yard and
the BiCap facility.


Dave Carman

NW Bemidji, S. Beltrami County

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