[mou] Horned grebe at Hyland Park

Liz Stanley liz at lizstanley.com
Thu Apr 17 09:14:08 CDT 2008

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went out to Hyland Park to see if the loons were
still there. They were, but because the ice had melted so much they were
widely dispersed on the lake and I didn't take any photos of them. While I
was sitting on shore, a horned grebe popped up right in front of me.
Unfortunately the light angle wasn't ideal, but I did get some fairly close
up photos.


After that I walked to the other side of the lake and watched the loons for
a while. They were very talkative and some were chasing each other around so
it was fun to watch.

On Tuesday I had also gone out to the lake, and in spite of the wind I got
some more loon photos, including this one with the horned grebe and loon in
the background. The grebe is quite small compared to the loon!


If you scroll through you can see the additional loon photos that I managed
to get before the wind picked up too much.

Liz in Bloomington

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