[mou] Sibley County birds

rdunlap at gac.edu rdunlap at gac.edu
Thu Apr 17 14:48:36 CDT 2008

I did some birding in eastern Sibley County this morning and observed  
the following:

-Winter Wren at Rush River County Park southwest of Henderson, also  
many Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers here
-at least 30 Common Loons and around 20 or so Horned Grebes on Silver Lake
-Greater Yellowlegs at Washington Lake
-2 Sandhill Cranes flying over Titlow Lake on the north side of  
Gaylord, also a couple of Herring Gulls flying around the lake
-Eastern Meadowlarks in several locations

Good birding!
Bob Dunlap, Nicollet County

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