[mou] Frustrated and Confused

john nelson nelsonjc at hickorytech.net
Thu Apr 17 16:32:36 CDT 2008

Item 1: Four Grebes on a pond near Beauford. Which Grebes? Since it it  
was so dark this morning color was not a factor, however, they  
definitly were not Western Grebes. Size makes me lean to Red-Neck,how  
likely is that? The thing that caught my eye was the very prominent  
"ears" and straight bill.
Item 2: Warblers must have been created for the same purpose as  
Soduku. In my lilacs never sitting still, of course, olive to yellow  
Warbler seemed to have a dark eye ring, couldn't tell eye color.
Item 4: A Sparrow not 15 feet away working diligently among dead  
asparagus, not the least interested in me. Not a Fox not quite big  
enough, nor with the foxy color. Distinctly striped on the breast,  
dark bill, and tan and gray stripe on head. Lincoln's Sparrow?
Also; Most numerous duck at all locations-Ring-Necks
           40+ Canvasback on one end of Perch Lake
           10 Redheads still on CR168 pond
           several pairs of Greater Scaup on various ponds
           quite a few of same on Perch well out from shore
           1 Green- Wing Teal
            1 pair of Common Goldeneye
            American Shoveler
            Canada Geese
            Great  Blue Heron
            42 Juncos ground feeding around feeders
            WB Nuthatches
            Downy, Hairy, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers
            Blue Jays
            34 Goldfinches- down from last weekend
Brother-in-law rural east of Lura Lake had 3 Brown Creepers on tree  
near his house on Tuesday, an Immature Bald Eagle in a large  
Cottonwood in his grove, and a Rough-Legged Hawk did a  
flyoverWednesday  morning.
Near Beauford

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