PETER WUEBKER pjwuebker at hughes.net
Sat Apr 19 07:41:42 CDT 2008

While out photographing waterfowl, 2 killdeer flew down near me and  
started to "do it". That must be what was going on although I don't  
know how they manage. I got one quick photograph before they flew  
off, not worthy of sale but I thought folks might like it so it is  
posted on my web site.

Since I seem to be getting more of these fun but not for sale photos,  
I created a separate gallery. When you get to the site, go to the  
gallery: INSTANCES OF NATURE. I've moved the two photographs of the  
owl battling the osprey (Now determined to be a red-tailed hawk) and  
will leave them up permenantly.

Use the FOR IMAGES address below.

pjwuebker at hughes.net

FOR IMAGES: http://photographyontheweb.ifp3.com/

FOR POSTAGE STAMPS: http://www.zazzle/pjwuebker (Lots of birds)

FOR PRINTS: http://www.redbubble.com/people/pjwuebker

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