[mou] Hennepin Avocets clarification

rdunlap at gac.edu rdunlap at gac.edu
Sat Apr 19 21:14:31 CDT 2008

To clarify Alyssa's previous post regarding the 7 American Avocets at  
the Bass Ponds in Hennepin County:

The birds were at the far EAST end of Long Meadow Lake, so when you  
walk down the hill to the lower parking lot take your first left. You  
will pass over a trout stream and then a pond on your right, and the  
lake will begin on your left. As the trail bends to the right, look to  
the far shore to your left (the east end of Long Meadow Lake). This is  
where the Avocets were.

Also, the credit for finding these birds goes to Jake Musser.

Bob Dunlap

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