[mou] Bird sightings, MOU-net and Seasoanl Reports in The Loon

Paul Budde Paul.Budde at us.benfieldgroup.com
Sun Apr 20 17:35:19 CDT 2008

Thanks to all for your postings of bird sightings on mou-net.  Those of
you who have participated on mou-net for some time know that postings
here go up dramatically in the spring.  We are certainly seeing that.

For those who might be new, I'd like to point out that the MOU's
quarterly journal, The Loon, publishes a summary of observations for
each season: spring, summer, fall and winter.  To include your
observations in that compilation, please be sure to enter them into our
on-line database.   From the MOU home page (http://moumn.org/) , click
on "Seasonal Report" at the top of the page.  If you haven't registered
before, you will be asked to do so - but it's easy as you just pick a
user name and password and enter your e-mail address so we can contact
you if we need to do so.

We would especially appreciate 
-	early and late dates of the common species, 
-	high counts of regular species, and
-	all records of uncommon birds or birds that are out of range.  

Some recent examples of these are the American Avocet at the Bass Ponds
in Hennepin, the just-reported Hooded Warbler in Brooklyn Park, and the
high concentrations of Common Loons and Horned Grebes that are being

It would be very helpful if you could also document any accidentals,
casuals, or particularly unusual birds (out of range or extremely early
or late migrants).  There is an easy form you can fill out on-line.
>From the seasonal report checklist, as the bottom of that page click on
"Enter RQD Documentation".  You can even attach digital photos or other
electronic files to these submissions.

Posting birds via e-mail on mou-net DOES NOT get those birds into our
database, so we ask that you visit the on-line checklist and enter your
data for us.


Paul Budde
Seasonal Report Editor
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