[mou] Grass Lake (Snail Lake/Vadnais Lake Regional Park)

johndjonas at aol.com johndjonas at aol.com
Sun Apr 20 18:20:24 CDT 2008

The Pelicans were on the other side of Rice Street on Grass Lake.

I spotted the following on my walk around Grass Lake-

Horned Grebes- 3
Am White Pelicans-150+ at 9am by 10:30 dwindled to 15, by 1 PM 0.
Great Blue Heron-1
White Egret-1
Ruby Crowned Kinglet: Many
Red Tail Hawk-1
American Kestral-2
Eastern Bluebirds- 1 pair
Gold Finch- 1
Woodduck-2 pr
Canadian Geese- Many
Trumpeter Swans: 2 (Landed and departed within 45min)

Otter Lake-

15+ Horned Grebes
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